Our experienced team of engineers install all types of water treatment equipment.

Examples include: Water Softeners, De-Alk plants, De-Min plants, Reverse Osmosis systems, Filteration equipment and Level control systems.

We can provide a complete design to install service to your requirement, whether you need a simple softener install or a high capacity Reverse Osmosis system with pre treatment.

Typical applications include: Boiler house pre treatment (reverse osmosis or de-alk), Cooling tower softeners, Pharmaceutical pure water systems, Softened water systems for building services, Industrial and manufacturing process pre treatment.

All parts of the installations are carried out by our engineers including the equipment, the associated pipe work, all support and framework, electrical integration and ancillary equipment.


Our installation engineers are also our maintenance engineers. This is important because it means our installations are designed with ease of maintenance in mind.

All installations are to current WRAS regulations.